Why choose us

Ensure that product recommendations actually arrive to your customers

Most product recommendations apps or plugins are limited to showing recommendations only in your site. They do not have the capability to engage offline customers by other means such as email. The ones that do offer a built in email sending capabilities are usually dependent on your server’s default email capabilities (PHP mail for example).

These kinds of services are limited. They are not able to bulk send promotional emails and they use your site IP to send emails. Since your IP is not known to ISP’s, this could lead to your emails not arriving to your customer inboxes. Tamlitz.li product recommendations platform uses top of the line email servers which are authenticated with all major ISPs and have a great reputation. Our deliverability rates are close to 99% percent

Simple yet powerful

Product recommendation apps are usually complicated, and require extensive integration with your site. This requires from site owners a large investment of time and resources, which they do not have. Some product recommendations apps that integrate with Email Marketing or Marketing Automation platforms require additional integration through custom coding in email templates which adds another layer of complexity.

Tamlitz.li has a built in Marketing automation function, and you do not need to purchase an expensive subscription to a Marketing Automation platform and deal with complicated integrations between different elements and your site. Tamlitz.li product recommendations platform integration with your site is super simple and should take not more than couple of minutes.

No need to spend valuable time on creating content and email templates

All the  content that is sent to your customers via the product recommendation email is automatically generated by Tamlitz.li, using the content of the products that are already in your store, so you don’t need to spend hours (or money)  deciding on the design or copy that will be in your email.

 Tamlitz.li email templates are optimally designed for your customers, and are coded to look great either on computer screens or mobile phones. If you do want to add your own personal touch, you can customize the email subject line or add your own logo

We are not a plugin, and we do not use one

Some online store platforms offer product recommendation features through plugins. In Open Source platforms these plugins are usually developed by programmers who are not part of the team who developed the core functionality of the store. This can lead to situations where the plugin functionality might clash with that of the store and cause it to crash. In most incidents, the only way to solve the issue is to remove the plugin, and in many times it can take up to several days before you can identify the misbehaving plugin. 

Since Tamlitz.li is a Saas product, it does not interfere with your store functionality and it is completely separated from it. Tamlitz.li only uses your store API to read and write data.

Get all the data in one place

In some product recommendation apps, it is hard for the end user to get insightful or clear data about the effectiveness of the recommendations. If the user has several other systems, such as Marketing Automation platforms that integrate with his product recommendation app, it becomes even more difficult to connect the dots. Tamlitz.li offers a simple yet insightful dashboard that shows all the data the store owner needs, such as emails open and click rate, most popular products and purchases attributed to the recommendations.