Tamlitz.li -
AI powered Email Marketing

Let AI do the heavy lifting with personalized product recommendations, predictive classification and text generation.

Engage your customers with highly personalized product recommendations

No need for elaborate dynamic content rules, or promoting only numerous items and hoping they will pique your contacts interest. Tamlitz.li AI driven product recommendations will deliver only the most relevant items to your contacts based on their behavior and preferences.

No more writer's block! Let Tamlitz.li Text Generator be your copywriter.

Creating captivating subject lines and content for your emails can be a time consuming and exhausting task, especially when the content needs to be personalized. Tamlitz.li AI Text Generator can be your diligent copywriter that assists you with your content creation needs.

Harness the power of Smart Segments

Smart Segment is a segment of customers that is created by an AI classification system according to the customers probability to engage with one or more products.

Built with eCommerce in mind, you can Integrate your site with Tamlitz.li within minutes

Enjoy a 30 day FREE trial. No credit card needed!

Connect your store

Easily connect your store to Tamlitz.li with just a few clicks in your store configuration section

Process user interactions

Tamlitz.li will consume customer info, orders and products from your store and aggregate it to its different AI classification systems.

Recommend to your users

Based on the consumed data, you will be able to create product recommendation emails and Smart Segments