We enhance your eCommerce store with product recommendations!

Recommendation engine that delivers personalized content to your store customers

You can now enjoy a major feature that companies like Netflix or Amazon offer to their customers, for only a fraction of the price!

Integrate your site with Tamlitz.li within minutes

Enjoy a 30 day FREE trial. No credit card needed!

Connect your store

Easily connect your store to Tamlitz.li with just a few clicks in your store configuration section

Process user interactions

Tamlitz.li will consume user interactions and products purchased in your store and based on them, will create personalized product recommendations.

Recommend to your users

Once the recommendations had been created, Tamlitz.li will send them to your customers via email or SMS

Engage your customers in their favorite channels with personalized and relevant content
Tamlitz.li email templates are optimally designed for your customers, and are coded to look great either on computer screens or mobile phones. If you do want to add your own personal touch, you can customize the email subject line or add your own logo

Get all the insights you need about your customers in a single, unified dashboard

Tamlitz.li offers a simple yet insightful dashboard that shows all the metrics the store owner need, such as email open and click rate, most popular products and purchases attributed to the recommendation campaign.